Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Daughter of Magdalene Laundries victim tells story of mother on Twitter

Sometimes it is really great that the modern means of communication exist. And
that people have great interest and sympathy for victims, like those of the
Magdalene Laundries.

Samantha Long, the daughter of Magdalene Laundries victim, tells the
story of her late mother on Twitter and having great success with that.

It is a very sad and appalling story. The poor women was taken to the laundries
at the age of two and would leave the Church run laundries 49 years later in a
coffin, after she died of slave related injuries.

And here's the tweet thread by Samantha Long

It is also great to note that hypocrisy is not much of religion anymore.
When the Catholic Church complains about secularism, people becoming
ever more godless, and so on, they practically slander people again.
Because, as mentioned, it is just hypocrisy in all its institutionalized forms
that fading and vanishing thanks to people staying away from such rituals
and events. They also fail to mention that Jesus did not preach hypocrisy,
quite to the contrary, he spoke out against it, had nothing good to say about it.

And they fail to tell this simple truth: That Jesus never told anyone to join
a congregation, a sect or a church, nor did tell anyone to visit a temple (church),
attend rituals there and so on.
Instead he recommended - Matth. 6,6: "And if you pray, go into room where
nobody can see you, and there you pray. ..."
With this advise he solved the whole lot of problems very efficiently. It is
unbelievable what kind of problems someone can thus avoid simply by
staying home on Sunday for instance, not being under the influence of clerics.
Like this one can avoid those scumbag Catholics who are always to either
heap further abuse on victims, twist such stories or are otherwise complicit.
in such scandals.