Saturday, October 1, 2011

Watch: Americas most unusual and interesting presidential candidate, Ron Paul

Ron Paul  probably is the most misrepresented, slandered and
foulmouthed politician of all, from both the left and the right.
The media do their best not to mention him at all or misrepresent him.
Yet in spite of all this, and probably also because of this, videos
showing him are finding an ever increasing audience.

Congressman Ron Paul was practically the only conservative
politician who was against the war in Iraq. And not just this, he
is known, and that makes him outstanding, he constantly reminds
people of the costs of the war.

The popularity of videos with Ron Paul comes as no surprise
because of what he has to say. And sometimes a video gives
a really great insight into American politics, like this one here,
Ron Paul in a presidential election debate in 2007.

It is probably his opposition to wars that earns him the respect
of rather decent, non dogmatic, left wingers like Bill Maher, who
declared him as his hero some time ago.
More recently Jon Stewart made fun of the media for keeping
a strange silence about Ron Paul, apart from obviously respecting him
for what he says about wars and others matters. Ron Paul is getting
the most contribution from active military personnel, by the way.

Another video shows Ron Paul on "candidates @ Google", a video
well worth watching because he fits perfectly into a more demanding