Monday, November 3, 2014

Book review: News is bad for you - giving it up will make you happier

People must be really frustrated with the media otherwise this
book review from 2013 would not be time and again among 
the "most viewed" article in the Guardian.

The continuing newspaper crisis confirms an undercurrent
trend. Lots of people hate the media, the way they operate,
and are frustrated. Whether the media crisis takes an even
sharper turn or not depends on if people react, are 
consequential and cut back on their news consumption.
Or if they continue consuming and resign to their frustration.

One of the bad habits and strategies of the media are 
click baiting, or inciting to "rage clicks" with controversial
topics, hated persons and political issues. A really rare article
dirty secret.  A lot more could be written, admitted and confessed 
to the reading public who are kept in a permanent state of 
outrage and anger, supposed to react to any red flag presented 
like the bull in a bull fight. Needless to say that the reader
gets nowhere, is just his time, submitting to the "learned
helplessness", and is likely to have a hard time economically.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Media crisis: Not only death and taxes are certain but also media layoffs and cutbacks

The media business has eventually entered into a state of permanent
misery. Newspapers for instance turned out to be mortal as well,
publications that do after all not exist in all eternity. It is just a 
matter of time when the next newspaper will cease to exist.

There are the monthly newspaper ABCs dutifully noting the declining
number of sales. Month for month, they steadily lose buyers.

When using the search words "media layoffs" or "newspaper layoffs"
(+ news) up come the lot of recent notices and reports to that effect.
CNN for instance is just laying off 300 staff. It should not come as
a surprise as the number of viewers of cable news channels in the US 

The magazine business is also in serious decline. Conde Nast, among
others, is axing staff. The media consumers are getting rid of ever
more newspapers, magazines, TV subscriptions.
A women's magazine therefore upgrade it's readers about the
layoffs, the cutbacks, obviously aware that the female readers
are frustrated with the media, willing to say a soft bye bye.