Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quiet please! Newspaper readers save the pennies, again.

Newspapers, tabloids in particular, are always giving their readers
a reason to save the expense for a paper, do without the nonsense they
churn out.  Princess Kate's pregnancy and the media circus around that
could be one of many reasons for further serious circulation declines in the
coming months.

The decline in audience continued again in November. The UK tabloids
are in permanent decline. The figures in the UK are an indication of where the
newspapers in Ireland are heading.
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The Irish media could become victims of their own. The love the economic
crisis since it began, consider bad news to be good news for them.
Until that habit turns out to become their nemesis.

An article in 2010 took up this then new habit of the Irish media, how they
indulge in the crisis. Once in a while it happens that people, companies or
organizations dig their own grave.
The big sin by the Irish media is that they are making no effort to be helpful
and useful in the crisis. Instead they are matters worse, continue to be a real
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