Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Novel and movie inspiring aspects of Madoff scam

Bits of the Madoff scam could be the basis for novels
and films set almost anywhere. Bank Medici in Vienna,
Austria, and the "Austrian woman", Sonja Kohn, who
was active in selling Madoff related funds. And now
she might be in danger of duped investors. An article
in the NYT points at the possible physical danger from
Russian oligarchs who belong to this group. Sonja Kohn
managed to find investors even among Arab investors.
If all that doesn't make up some good background for
novelists or financial thriller writers!
Austrian Woman Who gathered ...

Vienna was the location for what became a classical
movie: The Third Man, shot right after the war, released
in 1949. This movie, it was based on reality, dealt with
gangs dealing with, among other, pharmaceuticals that
got streched to make more profit and thus got letal,
killing children.

What made The Third Man really famous was the
film music. Here a clip with the Zither player Anton Karas
with shots included from the movie. Maybe something for
inspiration, to get a feeling for novels, a bit of scenic drama and
people, characters. A 7 minute trailer, without showing
Anton Karas: here.
Every country offers it own opportunities for movie directors
and novelists.

The story of the movie is nicely told on Wikipedia.

Update: A movie is coming out:
Timely Hollywood thriller sheds light on shady banks

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