Saturday, January 5, 2013

Irish newspapers want big money for links to articles

The Irish newspapers presently manage something otherwise only
experienced in dictatorships. The want a law passed that enables them
to ask for lots of money for links to articles. And there is not one word
in the newspapers about their efforts. A total news blackout concerning
this matter.

Hence it is outside websites carrying the information, apart from
The, Irish an internet (news) website.
Read more on Business Insider, USA

The Irish media have, by and large, their long list of sins. Sins that helped
to bring the economic problems about Ireland is in now.
Since the outbreak of the crisis, they banked on "bad news are good news",
are great in wailing, whining, ranting, while at the same time carrying on
partying and minding "life style" issues just like the French aristocracy before
the Revolution. The certainly aren't business papers that can be taken
serious. A serious media crisis would not be a problem, rather solve a
lot of current problems.

Update: The Irish Times has meantime reacted and declared that links to
articles in the Irish Times would be tolerated. 

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