Sunday, October 12, 2008

Were media complicit in finance crisis? First shy confessions from insiders / journalists

Somebody suspecting the media of being complict in
this crisis and interested in related critique can turn
to Danny Schechter, US film maker and author of
several books.
Here an article from him in the Huffington Post in
Nov. 2007 which turns out to be accurate early
Media Complicit in "Shopapokalypse" as consumers
go wild

What is actually overdue are confessions from people
inside the media just like insiders from the finance
industry who tell it all. There would be a lot to tell
in any case.

The first inside criticism was published today, Oct. 13
in the Guardian:
"Why didn't the City journalists see the financial crisis

Certainly there is more to come, has to come. As soon
as any such articles are found, they will pointed out

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