Saturday, October 18, 2008

Re - inventing gun powder, money and banking by way of: The History of Money ; a book suggestion

The finance crisis and bank collapses brought with them
a number of questions. What the hell banks are good
for and needed in the first place, what it would be like
without banks. Or even more radically asking the
question: what would it be like if money would be
abolished. Karl Marx for instance wanted to have
money abolished. that's why the rubel was a real
paradoxon during the Communist period, when the
pircture of Marx, the one who decried its abolishment
was on the Rubel - bills.

One way to get a little bit deeper is reading the history
of money, how and why it evolved a long time ago.
A really proper book on that was written by Glyn
Davies. A link to a synopsis and Davies' biographie

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