Friday, November 7, 2008

For angry banking / media consumers: Danny Schechter: Plunder, An investigation of the Subcrime Crisis

We have referred to Danny Schechter (USA)
already before on another page here.
His new book:
Plunder: An investigation into the Subcrime crisis
(September 2008)
here is the direct link to his site and the
Unfortunately the book is not yet available here
in Ireland, therefore we have refer buyers for
it to other sites.
Here is video clip with Danny Schechter from
06 / 07 It is also about:

"In debt we trust", a film he has done last year.
One also gets to know him, that he was working
for TV before he got independent. How he became
a journalist and got very critical about the own
profession and why. (If link to You Tybe clip is not
working, "Danny Schechter" can be found very
easily on You Tube.

And here is a clip to his film "In debt we trust"
Pt. 1

And here is a clip in which he talks about his
book "Plunder"

For readers somehow detached from the newspaper
industry, maybe critical somehow ot it, it may be of
interest to have a look at the various trade publications
and publications in which they are talking about them-
selver, their strategies, and so forth.

It appears that they are living in a world and state of
mind of their very own. Have somehow lost the plot.
Their interest may not meet the interest of the
Here is one, the editorsweblog.

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