Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Media: former editor admits media played part in financial crisis

Slowly people from the media begin to admit to
the role of the media in the financial crisis.
The british Guardian currently being the only
newspapers to carry such articles. We appreciate
Will Hutton criticises media's role in financial crisis

Given the extent of the financial crisis and when
one remembers the media frenzy far more has
to come. The media need a bigger confessional
in any case.
And there might even be a market for that, a larger
part of the potentially interested in hearing such
confessions. This might be even the financial rescue
of some. All they have to do is spice such confessions
with a bit of crime, sex & money, sort of scandalizing
it a bit and here we go. Business for the media would
jump up again.
The media, journalists, editors and so forth are the
only socially important profession that has not yet been
scandalized in contrast to the churches, bankers,
politicians, and so forth. Scandals about the media,
involving themselves would thus be reallu necessary as
a matter of principle and something new for a somehow
bored and frustrated audience.
So lets see what's coming.

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