Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Newspaper rants about Google. And "Oh Shit"

Media people have somehow asked for it. And they
got it now. A brilliant response from Danny Sullivan
from Search Engine Land. It really is a funny and
inspired essay.
Silicon Alley Insider introduced his essay to a wider
audience. hence the link here:
Search Guru Tells Newspapers ...

In the mood for some more laughs about the
newspaper industry?
Henry Blodget wrote a funny article a longer
time ago that is still not old, quite to the contrary.
He elaborated his way on the advertising revenue
of the newspaper industry and what is going to
happen (in the USA):
$ 42 billion up for grabs ...

For those not receiving pay checks from advertising
or newspapers, the newspaper (and media) crisis
includes some good news. For instance the end to
the often highly problematic financial / bank
advertising that was paving the way into all this
financial crisis. Not to mention a lot of other sins and
bad habits.

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