Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Songs that became suddenly hits in the 60's

Susan Boyle and Paul Pott are not the first to have
overnight success. A really cheerful story was told
two years ago by Michelle Phillips, member of the 60's
band The Mamas and Papas and a couple of then
practically unknown artists became a success after
participating in a festival in Monterey, California.
A festival that was also unique the way it was set up,
an idea that seemed impossible to realize at first.

Michelle Phillips told that little story in the Huffington
Post: Mods And Rockers Festival: California Dreaming ...

Hit number one of the day:
Scott Mackenzie: San Francisco

And here one later hit of the then largely unknown, a
random choice:
The Who: Baba O'Riley

Susan Boyle and Paul Potts may be different in their
appearance, look different, but what they have all in
common is talent. They all can sing.

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